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What is Playtness?
Playtness enables the creation, maintenance and adaptation of a personalized and engaging adaptive training regime that runs on fitness equipment and combines real workouts with interactive gamification and virtual tokens, redeemable for fitness-related products and services. Playtness transactions take place using the PT token, a new cryptocurrency backed by blockchain technology, which gives trainees, personal trainers, fitness facilities, advertisers and third-party developers a seamless and decentralized marketplace to buy and sell sports, nutrition and fitness products and services.
Who is behind Playtness?
Our team is made up of brilliant, loyal and experienced founders, fitness-tech product developers, marketing, branding and business developers, Blockchain, algorithm and machine learning programmers and behavioural economics experts. Additionally, Playtness is proud of its amazing advisory board, which includes experts in the fields of cryptocurrency, fitness, physiology, fitness health & wellness center management and business consultancy.
How many tokens will there be in total and how many will be issued in the crowdsale?
2,421,551,331 PT tokens will be issued in total, while 847,542,966 PT tokens will be sold at the crowdsale
When will the pre-sale be launched?
The pre-sale will be launch on June 2018*. Please register on the whitelist to make sure that you are in!
What is the structure of the crowdsale?
Hard Cap – 32,000 ETH. Soft Cap – 2,000 ETH.
What are the bonuses for pre-sale contributors?
We have promotions throughout our TGE campaign. We recommend checking them out on our website.
Are there minimum and maximum investments required to join the crowdsale?
There will not be a minimum required investment. The maximum investment for the crowdsale stage will be 300 ETH.
Where and how will the Playtness token sale take place?
We will release updates via our email newsletter, social media accounts and blog posts, prior to the token sale.
What is KYC?
"Know Your Customer" (KYC) is a popular term used in the banking and financial fields. KYC is a process that has to be completed with 3rd party institutions and service providers, whereby these bodies obtain information about the customers.
Why do I need to fill out the KYC?
Playtness is very conscious of protecting the company's reputation within the Blockchain community and as such finds it important to adhere to regulations and help prevent money laundering attempts. It is for this reason that Playtness requires all of our investors to go through the process of KYC.
Is there a bounty program?
Yes, there is! Click on our bounty program to learn more.
Which cryptocurrencies are supported for PT token purchases?
We will accept Ethereum (ETH) only
Are there any limitations for foreign citizens?
All foreign citizens are welcome to contribute, except for citizens of the United States, Singapore, Israel and the People's Republic of China or residents of a country where American embargoes and sanctions are in force, namely Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, or Cuba.
What will happen to unsold tokens?
Once the crowdsale ends, 50% of unsold PT tokens will be distributed proportionally to all Playtnes TGE contributors and will be locked up for a year. The remaining 50% will be allocated towards future development.
Will I be able to trade PT tokens through regular cryptocurrency exchanges?
Once our token sale is complete, we hope to be able to enable PT token trading via regular crypto exchanges, but as exact details have yet to be finalized, you’ll have to stay tuned for more information.
Why should I verify my account?
In order to access and withdraw your purchased PT tokens and fully participate in the TGE you need to be a verified user. With a verified account, you are able to use all of our existing services.
How can I use PT tokens?
PT tokens can be used or earned as a reward for reaching fitness goals, or by transacting for real sports, nutrition and fitness products and services, including gym subscription payments, products and services, sportswear, sports equipment, nutritional supplements, in-game upgrades, exclusive access to top personal trainers and more. Each member of the Playtness ecosystem is given a personal wallet, in which all earned PT tokens earned through interactions with the platform will be stored until the user opts to use or redeem them.
How can I earn PT tokens?
Trainees can earn PT tokens for achieving predetermined fitness or gaming goals, turning physical activity and positive achievements directly into tokens. They can do this by: downloading the app & creating a Fitness Stigo, creating a training program, engaging in fitness activities measured through the app or connected fitness device, achieving fitness goals, winning a Stigo social battle, tournament or event, reviewing a personal trainer or service provider in the marketplace, sharing achievements or content on social networks, or inviting friends to join the Playtness network. Personal trainers, gyms and other service providers can earn PT tokens through the: accepting of payments from trainees, monthly membership subscriptions, sale of products inside and outside the gym, creation of personal training programs, sale of services (i.e training lessons, nutrition programs, etc.), sales of subscriptions to their content and mentoring program, registering of a new user in the Playtness App, winning of competitions, or revenues from advertising.
I am an amateur trainee, what are the probabilities that I will succeed in earning PT tokens?
Aiming to help each and every trainee reach their own workout goals, the Playtness reward mechanism is based only on the individual trainee's workout regimes and personal effort. As long as you stick to your workout, you will be rewarded, regardless of whether it is your first time at a gym or you are the most built person in the world.
How do I create an ETH wallet? Which wallet should I use to purchase PT?
PT tokens can be transferred to any ERC-20 compatible wallet. The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard): HW wallets: Trezor Ledger Digital Bitbox SW wallets: MyEtherWallet (no download needed) MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon) Mist (Desktop) Parity (Desktop) Geth imToken (iPhone, Android)
How and when can I withdraw my tokens?
The PT tokens will be distributed immediately upon confirmation of payment and shall be activated within a few days from the closing of the token sale.
On which Blockchain are PT Tokens based?
The PT token is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 network.
Can I participate in the TGE without having an Ethereum address?
Yes, you will be able to view your balance on your profile at our website. However eventually you will have to use a Ethereum address to collect your tokens (which can be your PT wallet).
Who will be accepting PT tokens?
We are already in negotiations with gyms, supplement providers, and sportswear manufacturers to join our marketplace. We also have over 500 personal trainers who are waiting to join the PTMS. We are working on creating more partnerships to create a variety for our ecosystems. If you are interested in selling your product or services through the Playtness marketplace, please contact [email protected] .
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